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MF700 Frame Series : Audio Video Converter

Designed and developed for compact-size, high performance, and low cost, the MF700 Series is suitable for building an efficient digital broadcasting system. Different card types can be mixed and mounted on an MF730/NOIF(3RU) and MF712/NOIF(1RU) Multi-Functional Frame.


For high quality video, highly efficient digital broadcasting systems
NEC’s unique video processing technologies result in high quality video. The Series also include cards supporting embedded audio for efficient systems.
Power supply in a redundant system
Power supply can be configured as a optimum redundant system.
SDI Signal Free combination of cards
A combination of different cards (MF700 & NOIF series) can be mounted in a single MF730/NOIF and MF712/NOIF frame for efficient mounting and this enables to establish easily various systems combining conversion of A/S, D/A, FS, DDA etc and optical transmission.
Hot-swappable plug-in design
Each card and power supply can be replaced with the power on for better maintainability.
Monitoring & Configuration
The status of each card can be monitored via SNMP. And settings of each card can be configured with remote PCs.


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