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MF800 Frame Series

MF820 frame (2RU)MF820 frame (2RU)

Designed and developed for compact-size, high performance, and low cost, the MF800 Series is suitable for building an efficient digital broadcasting system. MF800 series is 2RU high integrated signal processing platform digital video/audio distribution amplifiers, optical interface, etc. The full-range of 3G/HD/SD-SDI format, mountable in MF820, is supported.


3G-SDI-compliant SDI signal processor
  • 10 boards can be mounted in the 2RU chassis.
    (MF820 frame / power supply redundancy.)
Alarm monitoring function
  • Alarm monitoring by SNMP is available with CPU board. Only one CPU board is required with each frame.
  • Alarm monitoring by GPI is available with each board without CPU board.
Low power consumption
  • Less than 100VA with full loaded boards for MF820 frame.
Enhanced maintainability by the front-access structure
  • Easy to check operating boards or replace faulty boards or check operating boards.

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