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VC-70 : Portable Ultra Low Delay H.264 Encoder

The VC-70 is an H.264 contribution encoder ideally suited for portable use with its lightweight, downsized form and quiet design. NEC superior coding algorithm and ultra low delay technology support its high performance video and audio transmission.


Ultra Low Delay
  • The codec delay of minimum 10ms with NEC original low delay technique.
High Picture Quality
  • Adopts H.264|MPEG-4/AVC High422profile@Level4.1 (8 bits,) .
  • High picture quality with NEC original processing algorithm even a low bit-rate transmission.
Analog and Digital inputs selectable
  • Video: Analog(VBS) or digital(SDI)
  • Audio: Analog(2 channels) or digital(Embedded)
Simple Operation
  • Inputs modes (video and audio) and parameters (eight per each input mode) selectable from rotary switches on the front.
  • Preset parameter editing via PC.
Excellent Portability
  • Compact size: One-third of 19" rack width
  • Lightweight: 1.5kg
  • External battery mountable
  • Fan-less architecture
Low Power Consumption
  • Long time operation with an external battery
  • Power consumption: 18 VA or less


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