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VC-7525 : H.264 Ultra Low Delay Board Encoder

The VC-7525 is ultra low delay board encoder with NEC’s original high-quality video coding algorithms. It can be installed to Professional Camera, Digital Microwave Links (or FPU: Field Pick-up Unit) and so on. H.264 MPEG-4/AVC is adopted for video coding and supports High 422 profile@level 4.1.


Ultra Low Delay
  • Adoption of original low delay technology
  • 10msec to 120msec of ultra low delay mode (not included the transmission delay)
  • 300msec to 700msec of normal delay mode (not included the transmission delay)
Video Codec
  • Adoption of H.264 | MPEG-4/AVC
  • Adoption of High422profile@Level4.1(8bit)
  • High Quality Video Coding by original algorithm at not only ultra low delay mode but also low bit rate
Audio Codec
  • Adoption of MPEG-2 AAC-LC and MPEG-1Layer2
  • Adoption of LPCM (Non-compression)


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