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VC-8350/VD-8350 : H.265/HEVC Real-time 8K Distribution CODEC

Encoder: VC-8350Encoder: VC-8350

Decoder: VD-8350Decoder: VD-8350

VC-8350/VD-8350 are real-time 8K Distribution CODEC, comply with H.265 Main10@L6.1. and supporting 8K HEVC encoding, 22.2ch MPEG-4 AAC audio coding and MMT(Multi-Media Transport) Input/Output, MPEG-2 TS output is also supported to be able to integrate existing broadcast platform for future 8K/4K broadcasting.


Video Coding
  • H.265 | HEVC Main10 Profile Level 6.1
    - 8K(7680x4320@59.94p)
    - 4K(3840x2160@59.94p)
MMT(Multi-Media Transport)
  • MMT(ISO/IEC 23008-1) Input/output
  • Video/Audio ES can be output by MMTP packet
  • Asset information and time stamp information are output as PA message.
  • NTP packet can be output with synchronized with NEC GOP synchronization signal generator
Audio Coding
  • MPEG-4 AAC LC Profile
  • Up to 4ES
  • 22.2ch multichannel audio
  • Supporting MPEG-2 TS I/O
  • Seamless changeover 8K/4K and main/standby can be supported by integrating NEC GOP synchronization signal generator, multiplexer and changeover unit as one system.
  • VD-8300 supports an input format of ARIB STD-B44 TLV stream.
8K/4K baseband input/output
  • 8K Video I/O
    - Dual Green (3G-SDI×8), ARIB STD-B58 (Optical×1)
  • 4K Video I/O
    - 4K-SDI (3G-SDIx4), ARIB STD-B58 (Optiical×1)
    - HDMI2.0 (VD-8350 only)
  • VD-8300 supports output 8K and 4K signal simultaneously
    - Down converted 4K signal can be output in 8K operation.
    - Up converted 8K signal can be output in 4K operation.

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