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XE-7330 : H.264 High Profile Encoder Board


Input signal
Output signa
(1)Input Signal
  • 1080i serial digital component video
    Standard: SMPTE-274M, I/F: SMPTE-292M, Frame freq.: 29.97/25Hz, Interlace ratio: 2:1
  • 720p serial digital component video
    Standard: SMPTE-296M, I/F: SMPTE-292M, Frame freq.: 59.94/50Hz, Interlace ratio: 1:1
  • 480i/576i serial digital component video
    Standard: ITU-R BT.601, I/F: SMPTE-259M, Frame freq.:29.97/25Hz, Interlace ratio: 2:1
  • Audio format
    Embedded Audio (16ch)
  • Closed caption
    Standard: ARIB STD B-37

(2) Output Signal
  • MPEG-2 TS (Transport Stream)
    Format:(204,188) or (188), Mode:byte or packet mode
Video codec
  • Coding scheme
    ITU-T Rec.H.264|ISO/IEC14496-10 High@Level 4.0
  • Number of coding pixels (Horizontal pixels x Vertical lines)
  • Video ES bit rate range 2 – 24Mbps(1080i/720p) , 0.5 – 12Mbps(480i/576i)
Audio Encoding
  • Coding scheme
    MPEG-2 AAC LC-profile, HE-AACv1
    MPEG-4 AAC LC-profile, HE-AACv1, v2
  • Audio mode
    1/0 , 1/0 + 1/0 , 2/0 , 5.1ch etc.
  • Streaming Format
Control Inter-stationary control signal (ARIB STD B-39 compliant), Ethernet
  • STC/GOP synchronization signal
    ISO/IEC13818-1, DVB-ASI
  • Reference signal
    RS-170A-compliant analog black burst signal
Operation Temperature 0 ºC to 40ºC
Power Consumption 38VA or less

Frames for XE-7330


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