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XF-700 Frame Series : Board Type Codec & Multiplexer

The XF-700 series is a frame for board type Codec and Multiplexer developed based on the basic concepts of smaller size, higher performance and lower price, and enables you to construct a flexible and high efficient digital broadcast system. Different board types can be mixed and mounted on the XF-730(3RU) and XF-712(1RU) frames.


Flexible digital broadcast system can be constructed
  • The 3RU rack mounting type frame provides you with seven slots for General-purpose ; for example ENC/DEC card. Another three slots for excluding MUX, SYNC and CPU slots. Installing various XF-700 series boards used for their unique application enables you to construct a flexible digital broadcast system.
  • The 1RU rack mounting type frame is compact in design with three slots equipped, excluding a CPU slot.
Hot-swappable plug-in design
  • Each board and power supply can be replaced with the power on for better maintainability.
Power supply in a redundant system
  • Power supply can be configured as a optimum redundant system.
Monitoring/setting control
  • Suppots SNMP to monitor each board status.
  • The setting can be done by comupter via Ethernet.


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