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Converged Packet Radio


Sophisticated full functional high capacity nodal radio for mobile backhaul and general network

iPASOLINK 400A Features / Function


Converged Packet Radio for LTE Backhaul

  • iPASOLINK is the first set of products developed within NEC's Intelligent Converged Platform

Design Concept

  • Any transport of Native Ethernet for 3G/LTE and Native TDM for 2G and mix for risk-free migration
  • Optimized, scalable and high capacity link throughput
  • High-level resiliency for carrier-grade services
  • Transmission over both microwave and optical
  • Carrier-grade migration from TDM to full IP Backhaul
  • Application flexibility and software upgradeability

Reassurance for future changes in network capability

  • Application flexibility with universal card slots and a range of functional modules
  • Easy addition of functionality with pay-as-you-need software upgrades
  • Reuse of existing PASOLINK – No.1 microwave product – with backward compatibility

Advanced technology for carrier-grade services

  • High throughput with high modulations, wide channels and cross-polarization
  • Ultra-high-capacity radio with XPIC technology in 1U ultra-compact size unit
  • Flexible and high resiliency radio configuration, N-way, 1+1 and N+0
  • High system gain with advanced error correction and new amplifier technology
  • High level of packet networking functionality: Ethernet, PWE, MPLS, IP
  • Advanced multi-service QoS support for TDM, Ethernet and IP with microwave adaptive modulation and excellent header compression technology
  • Ethernet OAM for fault management and performance monitoring
  • Multiple clock sources: external, synchronous Ethernet and legacy TDM synchronization

Optimised cost of ownership

  • Low CAPEX as technology convergence reduces the number of hardware units
  • Low OPEX with enhanced remote management and control
  • Low OPEX of reduced maintenance due to high engineering quality


  • 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38, 42 GHz

Radio bandwidth:

  • 7/ 14/ 28/ 40/ 56 MHz

Co-channel Operation:

  • 7/ 14/ 28/ 40/ 56 MHz with Adaptive modulation

link to ODUODUs


Type IAG and type IAP ODU are masterpieces of quality and performance in units much smaller, lighter and energy efficient than ever before. Please click for further information.


NEC antenna 1.2feet

NEC provides a number of high performance and cost effective antenna for use with iPASOLINK split mount radios depending on customer requirements.  Please contact us for further information.

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