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Backbone DWDM Systems

The compact SpectralWave DW4200 offers flexible multiplexing and transport on long-haul and ULH platforms. Leading features include full ROADM capabilities, 400Gbit/s transmission on an ETSI rack and the supreme reliability of path-based protection.

Service providers can remotely and rapidly reconfigure optical paths in their DWDM networks with the DW4200 ROADM. Time-saving and cost-effective, it allows wavelengths to be added or dropped remotely, at any node, to swiftly create end-to-end optical paths.

The DW4200 ROADM supports up to 40 wavelengths in C band or L band. Since capacity can be expanded to 80 channels per band, service providers can flexibly design optical networks without worrying about upgrading and reconfiguring the network to meet future traffic demands.

New revenue services like bandwidth on demand are supported, as well as generalized multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS), wavelength cross-connect (WXC), SDH on a card, and other functions that enable multi-layer management and better compatibility with other network elements.

SpectralWave DW4200 ROADM

SpectralWave DW4200

Reconfigurable OADM System
SpectralWave DW4200 ROADM

The SpectralWave DW4200 ROADM is designed for long-haul and ULH platforms. Featuring compact dimensions, full ROADM capabilities, 400Gbit/s transmission on an ETSI rack, and the reliability of path-based protection, it offers network operators simple and flexible multiplexing and transport.

*NOTE: Available only for limited customer(s)


  • Maximum 80 wavelengths capacity
  • Compact footprint: Shelf (40Gbit/s) or rack (400Gbit/s)
  • Support for various clients: Up to 2.5Gbit/s, STM-64 and 10Gbit Ethernet
  • Support for full-band tunable transponders
  • Remotely controllable optical add, drop and pass-through functions at any node and any wavelength
  • ETSI rack and 19-inch rack
  • Support for point-to-point, linear chain and ring topologies
  • SNMP, Web-based management or INC-100MS


Reduced maintenance costs

Support for full-band-tunable transponders enables rapid service deployment and decreases spare part costs.

Reduced re-routing time

Rapid reconfiguration of optical paths through remote add, drop, or pass-through at any node and wavelength.

Reduced operating wavelengths

Support for various transponders for multiplexing SDH and data interfaces.
(example: 9 gigabit Ethernet in 10Gbit/s transmission)

Suitable for Ethernet networks

Transparent Gbit/10Gbit Ethernet transmission.


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