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Metro WDM Systems - XTM Series


High Density + Low Power = Lower Cost

The XTM Series has a heritage of low power and compact products and solutions, fitting ideally in metro deployments or remote access sites where space is scarce and expensive.
Single-slot transponders and muxponders are successfully combined with reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADM) and/or packet-optical transport switches (EMXP) in configurations that prove our leading density and low-power capabilities for both Layer 1 optical and Layer 2 Ethernet services.
For example, our 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) services use just 5 watts (W) of power, the equivalent of an iPhone charger.
Add to this the XTM Series' wide range of chassis options, from small single rack unit (RU) chassis to large 11 RU chassis, and it becomes even easier to right-size the network, matching your requirements for low power as well as space.

Mobile Fronthaul and iWDM®-PON -- Innovations Supporting Mobile and Access Networks

The XTM Series offers a multitude of unique capabilities that make the platform ideal in a number of key applications.

Examples include:

  • Superior sync capabilities that are vital in mobile backhaul, especially as networks evolve to support LTE-A
  • Support for CPRI/OBSAI, enabling WDM in C-RAN architectures and mobile front-haul applications
  • iWDM®-PON, the WDM-passive optical network (WDM-PON) solution, enables scalable access networks that are easy to install and configure, making them ideal for FTTx business access applications
  • Intelligent SFP (iSFP) enabling transparent delivery of SDH/SONET services over a packet-optical architecture, and eventually a smooth migration of legacy TDM networks to a common Ethernet /TDM network that fulfills strict sync and availability requirements
  • True Layer 1 /Layer 2 (forward error correction [FEC], OTN transport, MPLS-TP, long-reach optics) all on one blade

An SDN-enabled Packet-Optical Platform Optimized for Metro Supporting 100G or Beyond

To manage the network and the services deployed with the XTM Series, we offer our multi-layer management suite, Enlighten®. In a lifecycle approach, Enlighten® and the XTM Series provide a software defined network (SDN)-enabled transport network that makes network and service management simple and highly scalable.
With tools such as the Enlighten® Portal, a web-based service level agreement (SLA) dashboard for multi-layer networks, our customers, and optionally their customers in turn, are given full visibility of the performance of the SLAs for services deployed in their networks. For applications such as business Ethernet or wholesale services, this is a vital tool to prove the service quality and fulfillment of SLAs.

Infinera Corporation and NEC Corporation have a global partnership agreement under which NEC integrates and resells Infinera's Metro WDM packet-optical networking equipment allowing NEC to provide a first class offering to its customers.

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