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Metro WDM Systems - XTM Series



Type  TM-102/II TM-301/II TM-3000/II
Chassis Equipment photo Equipment photo Equipment photo
Card Slot 1 full size + 1 half size 4 full size slots (up to 2 full size can be used as half.) 16 full size slots (up to 5 full size can be used as half.)
Power Supply 90 to 264V AC, -48V DC, max 85W 90 to 264V AC, -48V DC, max 567W 90 to 264V AC, -48V DC, max 1000W
(H x D x W) mm

44 (1U) x 249 x 449.4 133 (3U) x 280 x 447.4 489 (11U) x 298 x 442
Rack Type ETSI Rack, 19-inch Rack, 23-inch Rack
EMC ETSI EN 300 019-1-3 class T3.1, VCCI class-A


Item Description
DWDM Fiber Pair 80ch/80l @50GHz spacing, 40ch/40l @100GHz spacing
Bidirectional 20ch/40l @100GHz spacing
CWDM Fiber Pair 16ch/16l (1270 to 1610nm)
Bidirectional 8ch/16l   (1270 to 1610nm)


Item Description
10G TPQ10GFEC/I 4x10G FEC for 10GbE-LAN/WAN, STM-64, OC-192, 1+3 Line Protection, CRC/B1 monitor
TPHEX10GOTN 6xSTM-64/OC-192, 10GbE-LAN, OTU2/2e
TPMRHEX-L/16G 6xMultirate, 1GbE-10GbE, STM-4/16/64, 1GFC-16GFC, OTU-2/2e, CPRI/OBSAI
100G TP100GOTN 100G Tunable Transponder for 100GbE-LAN, OTU4, Line format OTU4
TP100GOTN/II 100G Tunable Transponder for 100GbE-LAN, OTU4(QSFP28 types on the client port), Line format OTU4


Item Description
4G MS-MXP GbE, 1G/2G FC, STM-1/4/16, OC-3/12/48, Line Protection, B1 monitor, Regenerator
10G MS-MXP/10G 10xMultiservice FEC, STM-1/4/16, OC-3/12/48, GbE, 1G/2G/4G FC, Line Protection, B1/CRC monitor
FH-MXP/10G 10xMultiservice for Mobile Front Haul, CPRI 2.4G/3.0G, FE, GbE
GBE9-MXP10G FEC 9xGbE, Dual 10G FEC Line Ports, 1+1 Line Protection, in-band management VLAN
MXP10GOTN 10xGbE(via ODU0), STM-16/OC-48(via ODU1), 1G, 2G, 4G FC, Line format OTU2
100G MXP100GOTN 10x10GbE-LAN, 10xSTM-64/OC-192, OTU-2/2e, Line format OTU4


Item Description
(Fronthaul Access Unit)
CPRI(option3,5,6,7), OBSAI3.072, 6.144Gbps. Sync-E, Protection with delay compensation

Ethernet Mux-ponder

Item Description
GBE10-EMXP10/II 10xGbE, 2x10GbE E-Line (EPL and EVPL), E-LAN (EP-LAN and EVP-LAN) E-Tree(EP-Tree), E-Access CE2.0 Compliant, MEF 9+14 Policing using bandwidth profiles, Flexible Traffic Classification e.g. based on DSCP, CoS, port and inner/outer VLAN 8 Strict priority queues/ WRR queues, Min and Max Shaping, WRED
802.1ad Q-in-Q SVLAN, Independent learning per VLAN, G.8032 ERPv2, MPLS-Transport Profile RFC5960 iSFP STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, E1 via circuit emulation over Ethernet

GBE22-EMXP10/II 22xGbE, 2x10GbE
EMXP48/IIe 8xGbE, 4x10GbE
EMXP62/IIe 22xGbE, 4x10GbE
EMXP120/IIe 12x10GbE
EMXP220/IIe 12x10GbE, 1x100GbE
EMXP240/IIe 24x10GbE
PT-Fabric EMXP/III 8xMPO 100G(SR10), 10G or OTU2e via PTIO-10G, 100G(LR4) or OTU4 via TP100GOTN
PTIO-10G 72 x10G LAN or OTU2e with MPO connector


Item Description
ROADM 1x2 ROADM @50GHz/100GHz spacing, 1x4 ROADM @100GHz, 1x8 ROADM @50GHz
Tunable Filter 16port Colorless 50GHz Filter
OCM 2 port Optical Channel Monitor, monitoring OAMP/ROADM and controlling VOA for flatness
(media converter)
1GbE optical/electrical client port, OAM, loss/delay measurement
Ethernet Demarcation Unit EDU 1G type, EDU 10G type, in-service packet jitter/latency measurement


Item Description

~ 100NE
OS : Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2 64-bit or 2016
~ 6000NE
OS : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6, 7.1 or Cent OS 7 x86-64
Windows OS : Windows 7 Professional or later
CPU : Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz
Memory : 4GB. JRE8, Web browser
ENM Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox
Others  SNMP, telnet

Infinera Corporation and NEC Corporation have a global partnership agreement under which NEC integrates and resells Infinera's Metro WDM packet-optical networking equipment allowing NEC to provide a first class offering to its customers.

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