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SaaS Solutions

Information technology is growing at lightning speed, and what the customer expects from their telecom operator is more complicated than ever imagined. Today, dynamically scalable and virtual resources are provided as a service over the internet through cloud computing. Cloud computing is a growing, salient resource, and the most scalable and the lowest cost cloud computing solution are offered through Software as a Service - SaaS.

NEC provides the ultimate in SaaS, pulling from their long history as a leading IT and network solution provider.

New revenue streams in the cloud computing era

To diversify and create new revenue streams many operators develop value-added applications and services to meet the needs of their customers. Cloud computing is a proven, innovative path for enterprises to meet the ever-changing demands and complex business environments, without complex business cycles, all while optimizing their capital and operational expenses - CAPEX and OPEX. By transforming their business streams into cloud computing, telecom operators now have a vast array of opportunities to meet their customer's demands.

SaaS solution is the most suitable solution for a telecom operator's initial investment to create new revenue streams in the cloud computing era; it gives telecom operators a competitive advantage because of its synergy with the existing business model, customer base and network infrastructure.

One of the world's largest and most influential telecom operators, Telefonica, is transforming their business with NEC's SaaS solution. NEC contributes to the development of new cloud oriented business streams with its SaaS solution and business know-how.

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