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Public Safety

Citizen Services & Immigration Control

Border Control

Increasing international travel and trade has made regulating borders more complex and difficult. Border security is facing more criminal elements - illegal crossings, counterfeit IDs and documents, or smuggling - as well as pressure to improve the efficiency of operations. In combination with biometric ID cards and e-passports, NEC's border control solutions empower border security to monitor and protect their borders better.


E-passports combine a traditional paper passport with contactless smartcards containing biometric information. Biometric information about the passport holder is authenticated against information on the chip.

Many countries have adopted identification and travel documents that contain biometric security technologies that positively confirm identities, expedite processing, and are difficult to forge. NEC is experienced at creating and executing integrated security solutions that deliver peace of mind and additional protection for borders and immigration.

Case study: Singapore ICA – Biometrics Security Solution (Video)

eGate Solution

NEC's eGate automated bi-directional boarding gate utilizes NeoFace®, NEC's facial recognition technology, and its fingerprint recognition technologies to monitor people entering and exiting a facility or areas within the facility. NeoFace® can match face images regardless of the vantage point or changes in appearance, such as hats, glasses, facial hair or expression.

NEC eGate solution is easy to operate, and serves as a convenient method for processing large groups of individuals. Breaches in clearance or procedure can be detected quickly, including tailgating, jumping the gate, or leaving objects behind. The simplicity of integrating biometrics with security solutions helps to minimize wait times for identification and reduce operational costs – without compromising security.

Registered Travelers

Advance screening and registration of frequent travelers at airports or railway stations enables these VIP customers to arrive at their gates faster, securely and with less hassle. A registered traveler program also reduces the volume of people who require a full security check, speeding up the wait time for all travelers, and improving customer services overall.

Watchlist Screening

Securing borders from terrorist or criminal activity is imperative. A more exhaustive passenger inspection available through NEC involves multi-biometric 1:n identification search against a watch list of fugitives or individuals deemed dangerous.

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