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Inter-Agency Collaboration

With increasing urbanization, our cities are growing larger, more complex and less safe. Governments and city planners must be prepared for a wide variety of threats to public safety, ranging from terrorism to natural disasters. As cities become more densely populated, authorities must also look for solutions to improve the quality of city living.


The ability to collect data and extract information from it provides tremendous potential to make cities safer and more livable. We now have the technological capacity to collect enormous amounts of intelligence about our environment and to mine it for patterns and correlations that will guide emergency responses and improvements to key city services.

By Solutions

Identity Management Systems

When governments need to issue drivers licenses, verify voters, or identify criminals, they turn to NEC's identify management solutions. NEC's range of solutions relies on biometrics to quickly and accurately identify individuals.

NEC's automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) is being used by close to 500 customers in 30 countries around the world including the US and Canada. The AFIS provides a platform for systems in criminal investigation, national ID and passport systems. Apart from fingerprint identification systems, NEC also provides highly accurate facial recognition solutions as well.

Access Control Systems

All governments need to manage physical access, either to buildings, facilities, zones or into the country itself. NEC has a range of access control solutions that can be deployed as needed. These solutions can be used to handle the movement of people through a restricted facility or monitor vehicles entering or exiting an area. NEC's solutions also cover perimeter sensors as well as the movement of assets so as to manage inventory.

Another innovative access management solution is NEC's compact thermograph cameras using uncooled infrared sensors. These have been deployed at border checkpoints to identify people with fevers during the outbreak of pandemics such as SARS.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is one of the cornerstones of effective physical security. However, as cameras multiply, it raises new problems. While it is relatively easy to add new cameras, the exponential increase in video streams makes it harder to detect suspicious activity using the human eye alone. Automated data analysis thus becomes critical.

NEC has developed image processing and analysis solutions that have become a vital tool supporting law enforcement and security.

NEC's systems can do automated human behavior analysis and license plate recognition. As algorithms handle the bulk of the work, trained humans are able to focus on exceptions or follow-up on issues detected. Through NEC's video surveillance systems, governments are able to improve security for their residents and citizens.

Cyber Information Surveillance

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become popular platforms for discussion and debate and for the sharing of information, whether that information is accurate or not.

NEC's cyber information surveillance solution allows governments to monitor conversations taking place in social media. This allows governments to be alerted when misinformation is being disseminated. In addition, it also allows governments to take the pulse of public opinion.

By taking a pro-active approach, governments will be able to address problems early on. Inaccurate rumors can be combatted and mounting public anger can be addressed before these problems get out of hand.

By Technologies

Big Data Management

Thanks to computerization, governments today are awash in data. The data comes from many and varied sources and in many different formats. It includes data from video sources, sensors recording precipitation and ground movements and even different types of mobile devices.

The data is potentially valuable but can only be useful if it can be managed and properly analyzed. NEC offers solutions for data gathering, a platform for data exchange, an operations center to manage different inputs and the analytics to make sense of it all.

Master Data Management

While governments today have gathered plenty of data, problems arise because the data usually comes from disparate, unrelated sources in different formats. To use the data, it becomes important to manage the data effectively.

NEC's Master Data Management solution improves data consistency thus making data usable. It uses strategies such as systems of record, data governance and service-oriented architecture. NEC’s Master Data management solution can assist governments with customer data management and data governance.

M2M Communication

Many cities have already deployed sensors and devices to capture information from diverse sources. The next stage is machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. When multiple sensors are connected to a network, they can be sources of information that allow governments to gain deep intelligence and pro-actively manage problems. This data can then be utilised to improve fields such as agriculture, transportation, logistics, and disaster prevention.

Large-scale M2M systems typically face obstacles though because of the cost involved in rolling out a system that gets information from geographically far flung locations. NEC solves this problem through CONNEXIVE, an M2M service platform that packages the basic functions needed for M2M services and delivers M2M services quickly and cost efficiently.

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