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Hybrid Finger Identification

Fast, exceptionally precise and efficient

Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner, a new-generation fingerprint and finger vein hybrid multi-modal scanner, is an integrated unit that utilizes NEC's original finger data capturing method. This multi-modal solution offers both high accuracy and the ability to capture fingerprints in wide-ranging situations.


Easy and Stable
・Simultaneous, single-scan capturing of fingerprint and finger vein data
・Effective with dry/wet fingers and instable bloodstreams
World-Leading Accuracy
・The fingerprint and finger vein ID algorithms and proprietary multi-modal matching software are based on field-proven technology that offers world-leading accuracy -
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Contactless Scanning
・Contactless scanning ensures hygienic operation and prevents latent fingerprints
・Hybrid functions combining fingerprint and finger vein biometrics provide high security against spoofing

Product Configuration

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