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Public Safety

Airport Solutions

Ambient Security

Watchlist Screening

Securing borders from terrorist or criminal activity is imperative. A more exhaustive passenger inspection available through NEC involves multi-biometric 1:N identification search against a watch list of fugitives or individuals deemed dangerous.

NeoFace® Watch
High-performance real-time face recognition for enhanced surveillance.

 NeoFace® Watch Aviation Brochure

NeoFace® Accerelator
Rapid crowd identification powered by INTEL FPGA technology

Behavior Detection

  • NEC’s highly efficient and user-friendly Behavior Detection System automatically detects suspicious behavior such as intrusion, loitering and object abandonment based on user-defined time and location parameters.
    Increases the speed and accuracy of suspicious behavior detection.
    Improves surveillance while optimizes operational processes and equipment costs.

Crowd Density Estimation

This digital security solution grasps real-time crowd density levels and estimated number of people within a crowd. Allowing security operators to make staffing plans and allocations according to the required amount of attention in each area.
The system can also be used to estimate queue times to inform passengers of the less crowded locations.

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