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Emergency & Disaster management


When there is an unexpected situation, timely and accurate information as well as a network which is flexible to connect, helps in reinforcement of cooperation and self help activities in citizens and, also helps in assistance of staff members at the disaster site who are supported by the system of wide area assistance

  • Advanced data processing
  • M2M
  • Open Flow Different complex NW
  • Emergency mobile NW


  • Support for contingencies like infrastructural damages
  • Wide area support for extended regions
  • Prompt and accurate understanding of whole situation
  • Transmission of accurate information to disaster site

Technologies to support New Disaster Management Solutions

Basic technologies to be introduced to realize the New Disaster Management Solutions mentioned below

Concept of New Disaster Management Solutions

Disaster management systems that are more autonomous, more resilient, more robust, more secure, more reliable, and more capable of information sharing

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