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Public Safety

Public Administration Services

Aiming to more positively engage their citizens and deliver improved services, many governments are now adopting ICT (information and communication technologies) in carrying out government functions and services. With this increasing dependence on new technologies, however, modern societies have become highly vulnerable to digital disruptions caused by cyber-attacks, which in turn lead to disruptions in vital services. NEC offers solutions to government to shield itself from the threat of digital paralysis.

Another important challenge is the vulnerability of the population to disease outbreaks brought about by the increase in population density. With less spatial barriers to overcome, spread of diseases has become much faster in densely populated cities. Thus, a safe city is not merely one that is free from security incidents, but governments also need to ensure that its residents are kept safe from different kinds of foreseeable harm. Over the years, NEC has developed a number of solutions that address these safety concerns through a multifaceted approach.

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